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Corey Piché is the principal lawyer of Piché & Company. Corey was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1998, after receiving his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Victoria and clerking at the British Columbia Supreme Court. Since being called, Corey has practiced at a full-service downtown Vancouver law firm, where he was involved in numerous areas of the law with a focus on legal issues affecting businesses, and then at an information technology law boutique firm, where his practice continued to be devoted to business law issues but in particular those affecting companies and individuals in the high-technology sector.

Corey's current practice encompasses numerous aspects of the law, still relating primarily to issues affecting businesses and their participants - including employees. Corey can assist with your corporate and commercial law concerns, your intellectual property, e-commerce and I.T.-industry issues, and your employment law issues.

Corey has been a repeat speaker at the British Columbia Institute of Technology on the topics of the legal and practical aspects of different forms of business structures and has also addressed students in the Simon Fraser University Computer Science Co-op program regarding co-op employment and confidentiality agreements.

Feel free to contact Corey at cpiche@pichelaw.com or 1 (888) 492-0492.

Piché & Company uses the services of other lawyers, either on contract or by way of referral, for areas of law in which we are not sufficiently competent to advise you; in particular, we will help you to find other counsel for matters relating to family, criminal and personal injury cases. Further, in the business law context, we do not practice taxation law, nor do we advise on the securities aspects of going-public transactions: instead, we enlist the assistance of practitioners who focus on those fields.

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