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Employment Law

  Our involvement in employment law issues is not limited to representing companies: we also advise employees (and independent contractors) on their rights and obligations before, during, and after the employment and termination processes. We advise and assist employees (and contractors) in drafting, negotiating and enforcing employment, severance and termination agreements, as well as other agreements between employees and employers such as employee stock option agreements, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements, and non-competition agreements. We also advise employees and contractors whose work has been terminated, enforcing their contractual, statutory and common-law rights. One of Piché & Company's main clients is Hamilton & Co., one of Vancouver's leading employment law firms, to which we provide services and advice on an independent contractor basis.

If you are being asked to sign an agreement relating to your employment (or to working as a contractor), or if you have been fired, and you would like legal guidance, please contact us.

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