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Information Technology, E-Commerce, Computer and Intellectual Property Law   

  The majority of our clients are information technology industry participants, ranging from software developers and service providers through e-commerce concerns and on to information technology and management branches of government agencies. We represent both providers and recipients of intellectual property and related services.

Due to the current state of the information technology marketplace, we are offering advantageous rates to clients in this space -- please see our "Fees" page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need advice regarding drafting, negotiation, interpretation or enforcement of any of the following:

Information Technology/Computer Law
  • System (hardware and/or software) acquisition agreements
  • Software license, development, support/maintenance, marketing, and distribution agreements (paper or web-forms)
  • Co-development, co-marketing, and strategic partnering agreements
  • ASP agreements
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Implementation agreements
  • Requests for proposals and responses to requests for proposals relating to all of the above
  • Copyright and other intellectual property rights and concerns relating to computer software
  • Intellectual property transfer documentation (particularly important in business acquisition and company-employee/independent contractor settings)
  • Website policies, terms and conditions
  • On-line agreements
  • Internet privacy concerns/data collection and use
  • Web page structuring/placement of legal elements
  • Web branding
  • Domain name acquisition, preservation and retrieval
  • Trade-mark registration and protection
General business concerns
  • Non-disclosure documentation - for would-be partners, suppliers, customers, employees, independent contractors
  • Intellectual property transfer documentation - for business acquisitions, company-employee/independent contractor situations, and otherwise
  • Investment negotiations and documentation - from seed capital through angel funding to venture capital
  • Planning and structuring for going public or for being an acquisition target
  • General corporate and business matters - business and corporate structuring and restructuring; internal corporate documentation such as shareholders' agreements and employment stock option plans; purchases and sales of businesses, etc. Please see our description of services available specifically regarding Business Law

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