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Piché & Company is the law firm for all of your business, I.T. and employment law needs.

  Piché & Company is a law firm with offices in Vancouver and Penticton, BC, Canada. We provide practical, timely and affordable legal advice to businesses, and to individuals involved in business as owners, managers, employees and contractors.

  The lawyers at Piché & Company practice mainly in areas relating to business, and in particular business in Vancouver and the Okanagan region of British Columbia. That means general corporate and commercial law, with a strong emphasis on the information technology industry and special concerns that arise for clients in that industry, including intellectual property issues relating to software and e-commerce, as well as knowledge of the construction and winery industries.

  Issues relating to employment, from the point of view of both employer and employee, arise constantly in the business setting, and we advise clients on both sides of that equation about their rights and obligations -- particularly in the information technology sector, where ownership and protection of intellectual property assets are essential to success, and where the current the marketplace has made many employment situations tenuous (or worse).

  We can also assist you with your personal legal requirements, such as will drafting, estate administration and many other legal issues that can arise. However, we do not advise on criminal, family, or personal injury matters.

  Please see our Practice Areas in greater detail, and contact us with any inquiries.

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Piché & Company

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